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Growing wealth through any legal means is no joke at all. Moreso, investing in the stock, forex or bond market as a wealth growth medium is even more burdensome.

Anyone who tells you that investing in these markets is as easy as ABC is a shameless liar.

Stock market investing like every other form of Investing, for instance, requires patience, know-how and basically, making the right buy-and-sell decision at the right time. The same can be said of bond and currency investing.

… Stepping in…

I’m Henry John, a Tech Enthusiast, Tech Stock Analyst and Investor. 

When it comes to the stock market, I’m not a jack of all trades.

I understand how Technology companies operate and make their money, so, I simply invest in what I understand, like Warren Buffett.

Currencies and bonds are forms of Investing that I fell in love with as I seek to build a diversified investment portfolio. And I’m looking to get into real estate investing come 2021.

Honestly, my goal with this platform is simple: Help you make the right moves in these markets.

I hope to do this by keeping you informed in a timely manner and give you the benefits of learning from my hits and misses by being transparent about my portfolio.

Ultimately, my goal is to build a community of serious investors, where we benefit from each other’s experience and grow wealth.

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