6 Electric Vehicle (EV) Penny Stocks that Skyrocketed in November

It all started with Tesla getting into the S&P 500. Since the news broke out, Tesla’s stock and EV stocks in general, have been going north crazily. The 6 promising EV penny stocks that I recommended have all gone up at least 100% in the space of 5 trading days. And it’s becoming increasingly evident … Read more

Advantages (Pros) of Investing in or Trading Penny Stocks

Penny stocks are stocks that trade with a share price of $10 or under $10. They can be stocks of large-cap companies like Ford, or small-cap companies like Casa Systems. Their relatively cheap share price make them an interesting and unique kind of stocks. These uniqueness and interesting features of penny stocks make them extremely … Read more

Best Large-cap Stocks (Updated Monthly)

Large-cap stocks are typically blue-chip stocks with a market cap over $100 billion. They are the direct opposite of small-cap stocks; stable and predictable, making them less risky (the average Joe’s kind of stocks). The predictability of these stocks comes from the fact that they have a long history of trading on the market, typically, … Read more

7 Best Artificial Intelligence Dividend Stocks 2021

By 2021, AI augmentation will create $3.3 trillion of business value, and that’s according to a Gartner prediction. The artificial intelligence market is not just a market anticipated to be enormous in the next half a century, it is also one that is already relatively huge, $3.3 trillion huge.However, today’s potential in the artificial intelligence … Read more

5G Infrastructure Stocks: 5 Top 5G Infrastructure Companies to Invest in

On the frontline of 5g rollout are 5g infrastructure companies. 5g infrastructure companies are the providers of 5g network equipment (such as radio hardware and base stations) which network carries, like Verizon Communications, use to offer 5g network services to their customers.  They can also be companies that owns, operates and develops communication sites (wireless … Read more

The 2 Best 5G Network Stocks for 2021

5g network carriers are responsible for setting up 5g network infrastructures in collaboration with 5g infrastructure companies. They are also directly responsible for delivering 5g networks to end users (consumers). Network carriers will make a lot of money offering various 5g packages to consumers; basically offering 5g network access through limited data plans.  US carriers … Read more