12 Top Edtech Companies Transforming Learning

EdTech is the integration of both education and technology, hardware and software meant to enhance teacher-led learning in a classroom situation and to boost students’ educational output.   EdTech aims to improve learning using modern …

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12 Top Home Security Companies

 The growth in Home Security systems and the desire to protect our homes which start in the 1940s when it was first invented and in the 1980s when home security systems became a thing giving …

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10 Top Smart Home Companies

With the increasing development in technology and the desire to have a comfortable and smart home that eases off the stress of running your household, smart home companies are inventing innovative smart home devices to …

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10 Top E-Bikes Manufacturing Companies


An electric bike is a type of bicycle that has evolved from a niche bike to a useful adjunct to a variety of activities.  City commuters, recreational cyclists, and club riders are increasingly adopting e-bikes …

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8 Top Hydrogen Car Companies

toyota mirai

We started with steam-driven cars, fossil fuel cars, battery-powered electric cars, and now talking about hydrogen fuel cell cars. Over the years, there have been innovations and introductions of different hydrogen vehicles such as buses, …

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