Tesla’s Major Competitor: General Motors is becoming the Real Deal

One of the major announcement on Tesla’s battery day 2020, was the announcement of the beta release of its full self-driving technology. And so the transition begins. The transition to becoming a fully autonomous vehicle company. Telsa is more an ‘autonomous vehicle (AV) company’ as it is an ‘electric vehicle company’. And as such Tesla’s … Read more

3 Best Self-driving Car Chip Stocks

Oh, self-driving car, when will thou be fully autonomous? Cars that drive themselves, by themselves, have long been hoped for. And with recent advancements in the development of self-driving technologies, the hope of having fully autonomous vehicles running the show on our roads is becoming more realistic by the day. According to a J.D. Power … Read more

Top Self-Driving Truck Companies

Starsky Robotics, an autonomous truck company founded in 2016 shuts down in March, 2020 after its series B funding falls through.Many autonomous driving enthusiasts, like me, wondered if that meant self-driving trucks won’t be a reality. Albeit, the reality is that, it is difficult to develop self-driving technology for big rigs and the companies that … Read more

Self-Driving (Autonomous) Car Stocks to Buy and Hold Long-Term

Developing full self-driving cars, even with advanced technologies, it’s extremely difficult. But one day the nut is going to be cracked. And when that day comes, a huge market with huge revenue potential is going to explode. And of course, this explosion is not going to happen overnight, and there will be no full self-driving … Read more