3 Hot Edge Computing Stocks

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Disruptive technologies and growth stocks, in many ways, goes hand-in-hand. And as a growth seeking investor who focuses on the technology market, Edge computing makes me salivate. It is one of the next big thing.

Edge computing potentially, could be bigger than cloud computing and it is still in its early days (just about the right time to get into the market).

According to a report by GrandViewResearch, The global edge computing market size was valued at USD 3.5 billion in 2019, registering a CAGR exceeding 37% from 2020 to 2027.

US edge computing market size

A Cumulative Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 37% through the next seven years.


This market is literally going to blow up in the next few years.

Sadly, many ‘pure’ Edge computing companies are not publicly traded and the likes of Microsoft, Amazon, Alphabet, Cisco and IBM who are heavily involved in the market or developing the tech are not pure plays.

Nonetheless, there are few ‘pure’ publicly traded edge computing companies, especially Fastly, that are ripe for investing.

If you are interested in getting into the Edge computing market, here are three Edge Computing Stocks to consider:

1. Fastly, Inc.

Fastly, Inc. operates an edge cloud platform for processing, serving, and securing its customer’s applications.

The edge cloud is a category of Infrastructure as a Service that enables developers to build, secure, and deliver digital experiences at the edge of the Internet.

It is a programmable platform designed for Web and application delivery.

As of December 31, 2019, the company’s edge network spans 68 points-of-presence worldwide.

It serves customers operating in digital publishing, media and entertainment, technology, online retail, travel and hospitality, and financial technology services industries.

The company was formerly known as SkyCache, Inc. and changed its name to Fastly, Inc. in May 2012. Fastly, Inc. was founded in 2011 and is headquartered in San Francisco, California.

2. Limelight Networks, Inc.

Limelight Networks, Inc. provides content delivery and related services in the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and the Asia Pacific.

The company operates private networks that deliver Websites, mobile applications, videos, music, software, games, and APIs; offers live and on-demand video delivery services; and provides online video platforms that help organizations manage, publish, syndicate, analyze, and monetize video contents.

It also offers edge cloud services; cloud security services that provide defense against malicious apps, Website attacks, and unauthorized content access; and cloud storage services.

In addition, the company provides professional services; and other infrastructure services, such as transit and rack space services.

It serves media companies operating in the television, music, radio, newspaper, magazine, movie, gaming, software, and social media industries, as well as technology companies and other entities conducting businesses online.

Limelight Networks, Inc. was founded in 2001 and is headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona.

3. One Stop Systems, Inc.

One Stop Systems, Inc. designs, manufactures, and markets custom high-speed computing systems for high-performance edge computing applications in the United States and internationally.

Its systems are built using the graphical processing unit (GPU) and solid-state flash technologies.

The company provides GPU appliances that are fully integrated computer clusters; GPU expansion units, which could add hundreds or thousands of computing cores with hundreds of teraflops of computing performance to virtually any OEM server; flash storage and network appliances that are networked storage appliances optimized for the environment and system software of its customers; and flash storage arrays, which provide hundreds of terabytes of storage and millions of input/output operations per second with flash memory.

It also offers servers for PCI express-over-cable expansion; desktop expansion appliances in various configurations that add input/output flexibility to any user’s desktop system; PCIe expansions; industrial and panel PCs; and ruggedized mobile high-performance compute devices that meet the specialized requirement for devices deployed at the edge in various environmental conditions.

The company sells its products to multinational companies, governmental agencies, and technology providers through its web site, web store, direct sales team, and OEM focused sales, as well as through a network of resellers and distributors.

One Stop Systems Inc. went public on February 1, 2018, however, it was founded in 1998 and is headquartered in Escondido, California.

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